Moodle frissítés gitből

Moodle frissítés gitből




$ cd /path/to/your/webroot
$ git clone git:// (1)
$ cd moodle
$ git branch -a (2)
$ git branch –track MOODLE_311_STABLE origin/MOODLE_311_STABLE (3)
$ git checkout MOODLE_311_STABLE (4)

  • The command (1) initializes the new local repository as a clone of the ‘upstream’ (i.e. the remote server based) moodle.git repository. The upstream repository is called ‘origin’ by default. It creates a new directory named moodle, where it downloads all the files. This operation can take a while as it is actually getting the entire history of all Moodle versions
  • The command (2) lists all available branches.
  • Use the command (3) to create a new local branch called MOODLE_311_STABLE and set it to track the remote branch MOODLE_311_STABLE from the upstream repository.
  • The command (4) actually switches to the newly created local branch.

Updating Your Installation #

$ cd /path/to/your/moodle/
$ git pull

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